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TAG Testimonies

Ok, let’s see how many people have been listening to my announcements.

We are looking for testimonies from members involved in TAG. We would like to hear from people who have been particularly blessed or helped in their TAG. Here are a few questions to consider:

1. How has participating in TAG helped me grow spiritually?

2. How has participating in TAG improved my relationships; either within the group or outside the group?

3. Was there a time where the group helped me see sin or a specific sin clearer and how did that help?

4. Was there a time where the group helped me resolve a conflict with my spouse or another member?

If there is another way that God has used TAG in your life, please feel free to share that as well. I should also mention that you may be asked to share your testimony in front of the church. Now, don’t let that prevent you from responding. If you prefer not to give your testimony in church just let me know in your response; but we would still love to hear from you. You can even respond to let me know you read the post.

Please send your response to:

I am looking forward to reading how mightily God is at work in our TAG’s.