Our Sunday Gatherings

Our Sunday Gathering is our most important meeting of the week. It is a time of special celebration as we sing praises to God for the wonderful forgiveness and salvation that he has given to us in Jesus his Son. We love to sing both traditional and contemporary God-centered music that focuses on what Christ has done for us on the cross!

We open the Bible week-by-week and receive teaching from its precious pages. We focus on sound teaching and its implications for our lives as Christians and non-Christians -especially the gospel and how it impacts our daily life. Our teaching style is expository and expositional (simply meaning that we let the Bible speak for itself by teaching it as it is written, verse-by-verse and book-by-book.)

Kids’ Ministry
We love children and have a special program to teach and train them during the teaching portion of the service. Teachers and helpers instruct the children using God-centered truths that are applied to their lives. Our Kids’ Ministry is for young children up to age six. We want our Kids’ Ministry to function as a supplement to parents’ spiritual involvement in their children’s lives, rather than as a replacement for it. We therefore train parents to be actively involved in training their children at home, where the biggest impact is made on a child’s life.

For those with infants, we provide a fully-equipped nursery with qualified caregivers.

After each service, we meet together for a full dinner. This has become one of the special traditions in our church that helps us build relationships while enjoying the fantastic food prepared each week.