Our Group of Churches

Sovereign Grace Church Toronto is a member church of a growing family Christian churches in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Bolivia, and the United Kingdom which are joined together under the banner of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Sovereign Grace Ministries is a family of churches passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are devoted to planting and supporting local churches, with a strong doctrinal basis that is evangelical, Reformed, and continuationist (believing that all the spiritual gifts of the Spirit are still available to the church)

They support the churches under their care personally and relationally, as well as through a variety of training opportunities and resources that are described through their website, including music (they have their own studio), books and periodicals, conferences and events, and audio and video materials.
They also train new leaders at their Pastors College, which is closely associated with Covenant Life church in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

For more information on Sovereign Grace Ministries you can find them on the web at http://www.sovereigngraceministries.org