Your First Visit

What to Expect When You Visit

You can dress up or wear casual clothes to our church. Please feel free to come in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We have lots of children, teens, single young adults, and families. Whatever your age, nationality or life situation, you are welcome to join us!

We love to worship God in song! We start our service at 3pm with music. We have a band with guitars, keyboards, drums and vocalists. We sing contemporary music with rich truths about Christ in the lyrics. We usually sing about 3-4 songs.

Scripture and Creeds
We will often recite a portion of a historic creed to encourage our hearts. We have the scriptures read to us from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

We love to pray and we believe God hears and answers. Prayer is a part of our Sunday meetings together.

A Warm Welcome
We welcome new friends that visit us. We do nothing to single out or embarrass our guests. But we love to welcome our guests, and have a short time in the service (10 minutes) where we take a break and get to know new comers as well as greeting our friends.

We do not take up an offering at our church during the worship service. Instead we have an offering box in the front of our meeting room that our people give to as they are able. If you are visiting with us, your gift is your presence with us. Please feel no obligation to give unless you would like to.

Ministry to Children
We love and teach children. We usually take a 10 minute break near the middle of the service. Parents with children grade one and under can take them to a special classroom, where we have a children’s program for them. We also have a nursery for babies with child-care workers (which is available at the beginning of the service onwards).

After the break, the Bible is taught in a way that makes a difference in our lives. The Bible is explained and then applied to our lives specifically. Sometimes after the message we have a response time in prayer or song. The service usually ends with a final prayer called a benediction.

After the service we spend time with each other and our new friends over refreshments and a meal. We also have a table of books and music CD’s for sale (at cost) that have impacted our relationship with God.