Mission Statement

We A.R.E

(A)wed by God
This first component of our Trinitarian mission statement starts with God the Father. We desire that our attitude toward God the Father be one of reverence and awe. We want to see the majesty of God in scripture and be so affected by it that we are compelled to worship and praise his name. This awe of our great God finds its center in the wonder of His grace that he has shown each of us in the gospel. Receiving His undeserved grace humbles us deeply and frees us to relate to others with humility.

(R)evealing Christ
We believe that Christ is the plot line of the entire Bible and every page reveals His glory and cross to us. In response to that, God has called each believer to become a living letter that reveals Christ to others. We are to live in a way that Christ is seen in us and people are drawn to trust and worship Him. We believe all Christian growth is increasing conformity to Christ-likeness in our character and life. We believe our conversations with others are intended to reveal Christ and his gospel. We speak Christ and we live Christ. We do this with a profound sense of gratitude to Him because he has saved us from our sins…and this gratitude will never be exhausted.

(E)xpecting the Spirit
We believe that without the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit, the Christian life is impossible. We earnestly pursue communion with His person and the manifestation of his life and gifts among us and through each of us. We joyfully expect his power to be on display among us, chiefly through transforming us into Christ-likeness through His wonderful work of illumination and applying the gospel to our lives.