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Something encouraging from Astrid

Dear church:
I would like to share this picture with you, just for you to taste what we lived there in Orlando..
Hearing and looking John Piper’s passion to share the Gospel is really encouraging.


Joint Service with King Bible Church

Please join us at 3pm on Sunday, July 8th as we join together with the congregation from King Bible Church for Sunday Worship. Mark Nowell from King Bible Church will be teaching us from God’s Word.

After the service, stick around for a time of fellowship as we break bread together over a meal.

We look forward to these opportunities to worship together as our two church families come together in unity.


Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

(Psalm 133:1 ESV)

VBS at King Bible Church

King Bible Church will be hosting VBS from August 13th to the 17th. They have extended an invitation to our church to participate, either having kids attend or to volunteer your time.

There will be an information meeting on Sunday, June 10th from 12:15pm – 2:00pm (lunch will be provided). Volunteers are welcomed who are grade 8 and up.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please download the brochure. There is also a sign-up sheet at the VBS display table.

Ways to be involved with VBS (1).doc2011



Church Art: Kingdom Art

Join us for a lecture and Q&A with Calvin Seerveld on The Exciting Ordinary Task of Redemptive Artwork, followed by dinner and performances, featuring Sung Chung and Laurelle Froese in the songs of Jake Heggie, Charles Ives, and music from The Greatest Song, translated by Calvin Seerveld, music by Ina Lohr
Sunday, May 27th
41 Britain St
Cost: $25/adults $15/students
(or $30/adults $20/students at the door)


Calvin Seerveld (b. 1930 in New York) received a BA from Calvin College in 1952, an MA in English literature and classics from the University of Michigan in 1953. He then went on to study under D. H. Th. Vollenhoven at the Free University (VU) in Amsterdam, where his doctoral dissertation dealt with Croce’s aesthetics. It was supervised by Vollenhoven and Carlo Antoni. He then taught philosophy and German at Trinity Christian College, and went on to teach philosophical aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. He is the author of several influential books, including Rainbows for the Fallen World.

Marriage – a picture of Christ and the Church

I received the video below from Desiring God Ministries and I thought it would be helpful for the church. Some of us are married, some are not. Some have been married and some never will. Yet, we are all in a marriage relationship, if we are believers, so this video applies to everyone in the church. If you take nothing else away from this video, be reminded of the love for which Christ has for you and the sacrifice he made for you. If you are married, I hope this reconfirms the love you have for your spouse and gives hope for any circumstance you may be in. There is joy to be found in Christ, regardless of the circumstance; Christ is all you need.

With Spanish subtitles:

Spring Clean-up

This Saturday, May 12th, at 9:00am is the spring clean-up at the church. Here is a list of jobs:

·         Sweep driveway and fill holes with black patch.

·         Trim along wire fence down East and north side of driveway and parking area.

·         Rack and level any bumps or holes in gravel parking area.

·         Pick up any garbage on overall site.

·         Dig and replant front flower beds including at KBC road sign.

·         Straighten any parking curb bump pads especially by soccer pitch.

·         Wash/clean entrance door glazing and windows in front foyer area.

If  you plan on coming, please bring a pair of work gloves and any tools that would help with the above list.


Mother’s Day – Sunday, May 13th

This Sunday, May 13th, is Mother’s Day. And where would we all be without our mothers? (this is a rhetorical question) So, in light of our debt of gratitude we owe to our mothers and because we love them, even if they hadn’t carried us for nine months (give or take), we want to honor them and show the all love and gratitude we have for them.

The C+C’s will be catering to the moms on Sunday and will be preparing the post service meal. So mom, don’t feel like you need to bring anything, just sit back and kick off your shoes while we pamper and serve you for a change.

HAPPY Mother’s Day Mom. (on Sunday)

Sunday, April 29th is Potluck Sunday

We all love a good potluck. This Sunday, April 29th, is Potluck Sunday with the theme: Italian. So break out the mozzerella, pasta, and tomato sauce and dazzell us with your favorite Italian dish. Maybe you don’t have a favorite dish and you just want to try something new? Well, that’s ok too.

We are looking forward to a great time of fellowship following the service and getting a taste of Italy!

Buon appetito!

TAG Testimonies

Ok, let’s see how many people have been listening to my announcements.

We are looking for testimonies from members involved in TAG. We would like to hear from people who have been particularly blessed or helped in their TAG. Here are a few questions to consider:

1. How has participating in TAG helped me grow spiritually?

2. How has participating in TAG improved my relationships; either within the group or outside the group?

3. Was there a time where the group helped me see sin or a specific sin clearer and how did that help?

4. Was there a time where the group helped me resolve a conflict with my spouse or another member?

If there is another way that God has used TAG in your life, please feel free to share that as well. I should also mention that you may be asked to share your testimony in front of the church. Now, don’t let that prevent you from responding. If you prefer not to give your testimony in church just let me know in your response; but we would still love to hear from you. You can even respond to let me know you read the post.

Please send your response to:

I am looking forward to reading how mightily God is at work in our TAG’s.



A few announcements

Please use the week of prayer guide to help you focus your prayer time this week. Print off the guide or use your iPad, iPhone, kindle, or any other electronic device; whatever makes the guide readily available to use. Click here to download the prayer guide:  The Cross and the Godly Life

We will be having special time of praise and worship Wednesday April 4th at 7:30pm at KBC.

Don’t forget the Good Friday Service this Friday at the UofT Convocation Hall.
Finally, there will be no refreshments this Sunday.